About Us

Our corporation was established in 1993, We professionally sell import medicine( agrochemical) intermediate product,fine chemical product, daily chemical product, perfume raw material etc. The product is produced by the company of German BASF, USA CELANESE, DOW, EASTMAN, France ATOFINA, Malaysia, Holland, Japan etc. The product is widly used by the national pharmaceutical factory, agrochemical factory, chemistry reagent factory, daily chemical factory,perfume factory etc.

The corporation has talent who engage in chemical and medicine,they have abundant profession knowledge and sales ability of chemical and medicines intermediate.Any produce and science research deparment which demand rarely chemical product,We can search from world chemical enterprise ,order and deal to import business, satisfy customer demand.In the ten years,we operate the accomplishment prestige good, the ability is strong, the efficiency is high, the service is thoughtful, small profits and much sales,satisfying customer damand is first, We wish development with national producing factory°Ęscience&research organization°Ęcommerce&trade corporation, creating together glorious, welcome new and old customer to visit and patronage.

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